28 Jan

AGIP ENI Lubricants

AGIP (acronym as Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli) and in English, acronym as General Italian Oil Company, is Italian based automotive gasoline, diesel, LPG, lubricants, and fuel oil retailer established in 1926. It has been a subsidiary of the multinational lubricant manufacturer and petroleum company ENI since 2003, when ENI formerly purchased AGIP Petroli, creating the Refining and Marketing Division (R&M). ENI has consistently been occupied with the exploration and manufacture of high-performance oils for a wide range of vehicles. Our accumulated understanding and experience, together with our consistent presence alongside our consumers in Italy and across the globe, has empowered our products to turn into the reference point for all vehicles and applications.

Quality product

AGIP ENI is quality and product, conscious lubricant manufacturer. Therefore, continues its process of manufacturing alongside the testing and quality evaluation mechanism to deliver what’s best for the vehicles and different applications. Therefore, to verify these quality mechanisms, all lubricants plants and cycles are certified according to the ISO 9001 quality standards and quality is maintained throughout the process of manufacturing. Alongside the quality mechanism, AGIP ENI Lubricants is an advocate of a sustainable environment. Therefore, respect for the environment is categorized as one of the concluding principles in the development and production cycle of the lubricant industry. All lubricant plants are ISO 14001 and EMAS certified to meet up to these standards. Elaborating the lubricant range, AGIP ENI Lubricants is offering a wide range ranging from passenger cars, motorbikes, heavy-duty vehicles, Boats, Agricultural and Earthmoving machinery, and even for classic cars. The passenger car range includes ENI i-Sint High-performance oil, ENI i-Sint tech Lubricants, ENI i-Sint Professional oils, ENI i-Base mineral-based lubricants for traditional cars, and ENI i-Base Professional mineral-based lubricants for traditional cars. ENI Rotra Mineral or synthetic oils, ENI Rotra ATF Mineral or synthetic oils, ENI Antifreeze Fluids, ENI Brake Fluids, and ENI greases. The bike or scooter range includes ENI i-Ride racing Lubricants, ENI i-Ride Mo to Lubricants, ENI i-Ride scooter oil, ENI Rotra Bike, ENI Fork Oil, ENI Mix 2T, and ENI Brake Fluid.

Heavy-duty engine oils

The next range is the range of Heavy-duty engine oils. It includes ENI i-Sigma top MS High-performance motor oils, ENI i-Sigma top, ENI i-Sigma performance motor oil, ENI i-Sigma universal High-performance oils for both gasoline and Diesel engines for passenger cars or heavy-duty vehicles, and ENI i-Sigma monograde High-quality oils for aspirated and supercharged diesel engines. Another range serving Agricultural and Earthmoving machinery includes ENI i-Sigma top Innovative synthetic technology, ENI i-Sigma top MS High-performance motor oils, and ENI i-Sigma performance motor oils. This range also includes ENI Multitech UTTO Multipurpose oils for the lubrication of all equipment, ENI Multitech STOU Multipurpose oils for use in engines and in all ancillary parts. These are some of the oils and lubricants manufactured by AGIP ENI Lubricants Corporation with the promise of quality and sustainability.