12 Feb

Get the Most Value From Car Shipping

In many cases, vehicle owners find there is no realistic way for them to drive a vehicle from one point to another. That’s when Car Shipping comes into play. Experts offering vehicle transport work with a variety of clients who need vehicles shipped to another part of the country. There are some rather specific things anyone exploring car shipping is encouraged to look for in a service provider.

Insist on the Personal Touch

There are many reasons people need Car Shipping, which suggests a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best way for a service provider to deal with their clients. A person moving across the country for a new job may well have different needs than a retired couple moving to Florida from North Dakota. That means the car hauling experts will recognize those differences and develop a plan of action tailored to meet a specific client’s needs.

People who’ve had experience dealing with auto transport professionals may not need or want to have as much personal contact as a new car collector who has just purchased a classic car and needs it shipped a thousand miles. When you deal with true professionals, they’ll take the time to find out what your needs are and do whatever is possible to accommodate those needs.

Protect Your Investment

One of the issues that concern potential Car Shipping clients is the risk of damage occurring to the vehicle during a move. The nation’s top auto transport companies only work with established truck drivers who’ve been carefully vetted and have a wealth of past experience. That fact alone helps many people become more comfortable when entrusting their vehicles to a stranger.

However, the auto transport experts also have insurance coverage to protect clients’ automotive investments in the event some type of incident occurs while your vehicle is in their care. Even though the risk of anything happening is slight, no one can guarantee no type of damage will occur. Even though you carry insurance on a vehicle, your insurer should not have to cover a repair bill when the damage occurred while the car was being transported. If you’re shipping a vehicle, verify the type of insurance coverage the provider has.

Door-to-Door Service

Customers can request door-to-door service in some areas. If a street can be accessed by a large truck, it’s possible to have a vehicle you’re shipping picked up at your home or place of business. The vehicle can also be delivered to any location with appropriate truck access. That’s especially important for collector car owners who don’t want to add miles to their vehicles or risk driving them on the street. If you’re interested in door-to-door service, ask the experts if it can be arranged.

Open Or Enclosed Trailers: It’s Your Choice

The majority of people shipping their vehicles are perfectly happy to have those cars or light trucks shipped on open trailers. While there is a greater risk of damage occurring when vehicles are shipped on open trailers, the odds are still against anything happening. Remember, new cars are shipped on open trailers all the time and rarely suffer any damage.

If you have an extremely valuable vehicle, it might make sense to ask about taking advantage of an enclosed trailer to move the vehicle. The cost will be somewhat higher than using an open trailer, but the added peace of mind may make the investment worthwhile. If you’re unsure which option to select, discuss the issue with the shipping experts. Find out more at Car Mover Auto Transport.

Get the Advice You Need Now

If you’ve got any questions about transporting a vehicle, why not contact the experts now? They’ll gladly explain the pros and cons of shipping your vehicle by truck and offer a cost estimate for the services. You’ve got nothing to lose by talking to experts, so contact the professionals now and get the process started.

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