04 Jan

High Tech Electric Cars in India

With the ongoing National Electric Mobility Mission Plan and implementation of Paris Agreement, the government is focusing on getting towards carbon emission-free vehicles which need more innovation and techniques to be followed to make it a success as per Indian economy. Manufacturers are playing a vital role in upgrading the current automobile technologies with the help of foreign innovations. There are two such electric cars in India which are available in the market. If you are looking for such powerful invention models in the electric format automobile, then this information might help you to know more about such vehicles.

  1. Mahindra e2o Plus

Mahindra has come up with the new production of e20 plus which is one of the known electric cars for daily commuting needs of people. The vehicle is a big successor of Reva-I, yesteryear. The basic thing which makes a difference in conventional and electric cars is the use of the battery system. There are two variants available for Electric Mahindra cars in India.

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The first variant has 48 cell lithium ion battery which has the capability to draw 11kW hr power. The second variant is bigger than the first one and has 48 cell lithium ion battery which can extract the power of 15 kW hr. In a practical realization, Mahindra electric cars manufacturers claimed that mileage of the first variant is 110 kmpl which means that at one go it can run 110 km. Considering the top end variant, it can run for 140 km from a single battery charge.

In both the variants, Mahindra has given a unique feature of “Revive”. Under it, by chance, if you get out of stock, then extra 5km boost up is available so that you won’t end up in the middle of commuting. It takes 6 hours to charge fully and 7 hours 20 min for a bigger battery. The acceleration is to 60 km in 14.1 sec.

Price range is 7.57 to 11.27 lakhs.

  • Mahindra eVerito

It is one of the best sedan class electric cars in India which you can choose for both comfort and high technology base. Mahindra eVerito is empowered with 31 kW motor and lithium-ion battery of 69 cell 13.91 kW hr. The upper model has 18.55 kW hr with a lithium-ion battery. The base model can range up to the same 110 km at one charging. The bigger model worth is 140 km at one take.

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Revive feature is also available in this sedan class Mahindra electric cars with 8 km backup range. To charge the battery, it takes 8 hours 30 minutes to do it fully. There are four variants available. The price of these types of cars in India starts from Rupees 9.5 lakhs and ends up at ten lakhs.

You can choose from these two available Mahindra electric cars in India to have a pollution free ride. 

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