25 Jan

I Have Been Dating This Girl

I did not realize she had money for good while, probably after I had been dating her for a couple of months I realized that was on the phone haggling with people who did AC installation in Brooklyn and with electricians and plumbers in Queens. She is really good looking and willing to go out with me, so that was what was interesting me in her. If she had money she never showed it to me and of course I now realize that her money has work to do. She really is pretty deeply in debt even compared to me and I have a lot of student debt. Of course she also has stocks and bonds aside from the real estate. She says that she would be in trouble if she only had the real estate and was not diversified and that she is lucky that only a couple of her tenants have been really adversely effected by the pandemic.

From what I can tell she mostly owns single family residences in a nice part of Brooklyn and other parts of Long Island. She seems to live in the worst of them, although it is in the middle of a massive renovation and she got hold of it in something akin to a bankruptcy auction. The person who started the renovation got into big trouble midway through this virus’ impact and had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. I was impressed by how nice it would be when she was done, she had it all done in virtual reality on her laptop. Right now it looks like a great big mess and she is stressed out about the whole thing because she does not like the amount of money that she has put into the place and not knowing if she can get rid of it quickly.